Book Review: Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

Star rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Having only recently discovered the Six of Crows duology, I was happy, and relieved, that I was able to immediately delved into Crooked Kingdom. Because if I had read the first one last year, knowing that I’d have to wait a whole year to read Crooked Kingdom, I’d have gone mental. I would have had less hair than Homer Simpson. Figuratively speaking of course.

Crooked Kingdom started off with such conflict and mind-blowing plot that there wasn’t enough brain space to take it all in. It was just moving so fast!  But in between all the nerve-racking, pulse-thumping action and planning from the cunning Kaz and crew, there was more character development and history, too. It was so heartwarming to read that these kids, even though they were all in a hazardous mess, were becoming more than what they thought they were, and were turning into better, nurturing adults. 

Not a lot of books can make me go through every emotion, mainly because I’m an emotionally detached human when it comes to fictitious characters within a book. Give me a film, TV series, documentary and I’ll bawl my eyes out. But for some reason I’m just 😐 when it comes to most books. However, I experienced every emotion a human could possibly endure. Surprisingly, though the crew is in dire straits, it had some humourous parts throughout the book and at one point I had to pause my reading because of my giggling. There was love developing which was super cute! And I’m not fond of romance (see profile picture here: 🤖) but even I have to admit that seeing two sets of individuals developing feelings for one another was lovely. There was plenty of anguish to be had which varied, too. It included betrayal, disappointment, death and shocking encounters. Basically, Crooked Kingdom is a colossal bowl of emotions that pours over the edge and bathes even the stoniest of hearts.

Also, be prepared to get insanely excited at a character that is introduced to the latter part of the book. I couldn’t contain my elation at having read this beautiful human! Granted, this person isn’t in it a great deal, but it’s enough to satisfy your nostalgic spirits! 

Even though I thought the second instalment to the Six of Crows duology was a little long-winded, I thought that it was better than the first. I also couldn’t help but marvel over Bardugo’s amazing talent of world-building and character creations. While reading Crooked Kingdom I caught myself thinking how clever Bardugo really is, and how much she must have committed herself to this incredible story. The plot was superb and fantastically clever, and I have now officially put her on my favourite author list, and I will, without a shadow of doubt, buy all of her future works. 


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